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Preventing Rust Know Where It Forms

Rust can become the bane of many car owners’ lives. The older cars are usually the worst offenders but certain models tend to be much more vulnerable than others. When it comes to newer cars rust prevention should still be taken seriously to prevent problems in the future. Why? Because it’s unsightly, will affect the reliability of the vehicle and ultimately hurt the owner’s wallet.

Meticulously clean and polish your car before storing it within a sealed, temperature-controlled garage? You need not worry. But for those of us who use our cars in the real world, outside in all weather conditions, we need to consider some preventatives. Accelerated rusting is caused by dirt build-ups allowing water and moisture to accumulate. By knowing the most common areas for these build ups you can greatly reduce your chances of rust formation.


The bodywork and panels that make up the exterior of the car will eventually fall victim to corrosion if neglected. By ensuring your car gets washed regularly you will remove dirt build-ups before the rust can start to form. Once every two weeks is a good average, but during winter this should be increased to once per week due to salt on the roads. Although salt is useful to grit our roads it will rapidly accelerate rust and corrosion on cars so you must take care to remove it.

Take the time to wax your car around every 4 months. This will add an extra protective coating to your paintwork, repelling dirt and water. Damage or stone chips on your cars paintwork should be promptly cleaned before applying touch up paint or another suitable protective finish.

Wheel Arches

A wheel arch has become one of the most notorious areas for rust formation. Mud and dirt is flicked up off the road by the wheels and accumulates within the arches. Water is also picked up causing the grime to stay damp for long periods of time, resulting in rust formation. But by simply washing away the dirt you will allow the surfaces to dry much quicker, thus making it much less susceptible to corrosion. So it would be wise to add a quick wash each of the wheel arches to your cleaning routine.

Car Underside

The fact that this area is difficult to inspect and clean means it often goes unchecked, allowing rust to form unnoticed. Dirt often becomes trapped on the car’s undercarriage and in turn promotes rust. Ensure you give the underside of your car a quick blast to remove the sneaky muck that holds onto moisture. If you are unsure about how you can clean the underside of your car then you should use an Internet search to find the many clever solutions that people are using.


Another area that is often completely overlooked is the inside of the car that can hide rust formations from plain sight. You should keep the inside of your car clean and properly attend to spills when they happen. Fabrics will hold moisture especially during cold wet seasons, creating an optimal environment for rust behind carpets. Salty water may even be trodden onto the carpet during use in poor weather. So be sure to use a good mug shampoo to clean rugs, carpets, and upholstery.

Remember this does not only apply to the main cabin area but to the boot space as well. Take the time to clean up any spills and keep it clean. Periodically remove the carpets during cleaning to check for any signs of corrosion.

Car Care Tips  20/06/2014 09:39:52

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