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Probationary' plates for young drivers

Probationary' plates for young drivers Image

Recently-qualified young drivers may be required to sport "probationary" licence plates under new proposals to boost safety on the UK's roads.

The Department for Transport is examining a raft of measures intended to curb the number of accidents involving rookie motorists.

Speaking in the House of Lords, Government whip Earl Attlee said that young drivers were prone to "immaturity and reckless driving".

He confirmed that ministers are currently considering a number of proposals including probationary plates and a ban on novice drivers carrying young passengers.

"They can also be easily distracted particularly when driving carrying others," he said.

"We are seeking to improve the risk of these very sad accidents and we will continue on the work of the previous government in doing so."

A consultation document is due to be published early this summer outlining the proposals in greater detail.

Improving the safety record of young drivers will help bring down the cost of their car insurance, breakdown cover and Car Warranty, ministers believe.

Drivers under the age of 25 are responsible for one in three road accidents despite accounting for only one in eight motorists on the road, according to figures from the Association of British Insurers.

Insurance  21/03/2013 17:00:00

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