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Project to streamline city centre congestion

Project to streamline city centre congestion Image

A project is currently being developed to reduce the stress of commuting through rush-hour traffic.

Lead by Newcastle University and Newcastle City Council, it is hoped the new satellite-navigation technology will reduce traffic jams and cut the pollution associated with stop-start driving.

The equipment is being trialled in the North East as part of a 10m euro (8.6 million) project involving seven European cities. Called Compass4D, it intends to help motorists adjust their speed to enable them to pass through a series of traffic lights on green.

In addition, the system will feature a forward collision warning and a red light violation warning, informing drivers of accidents ahead and when someone has jumped a red light.

Phil Blythe, professor of intelligent transport systems at Newcastle University, labelled the trail "unique" as it will be giving information directly to the driver.

"For example, the system might advise a driver that if they travel at 24 miles an hour they will hit the next four sets of traffic lights on green," he said.

"In more congested areas or particularly busy times of the day, then key roads might be given priority in order to keep the traffic flowing."

published: 14/02/2013 17:00:00

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