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Protect the good times by getting a used car warranty

After a long hard winter that, it seemed, was never going to end, we can finally enjoy the fact that the sun is shining. And this fact can only mean one thing: the school holidays are on their way.

We all love getting away for a break from the routine over the holiday season, and many of us enjoy doing this in our cars – no need to rely on train timetables, no need to rush to the front of a check-in queue and, as long as you remember to drive on the right (depending on where you’re going, of course), driving holidays are easy and accessible.

But using your own transport for holidays also means you’re responsible should something go wrong: no rail replacement buses or their like here. So what should you do to ensure everything goes smoothly, or to ensure you’re covered in the event that something does go wrong?

Reliability checks

This should be done all year round, but it’s especially important to make sure your car is fit for the holiday. If you know a mechanic, ask them to give it a once over, or if the car is due for its MOT or a service a month or so before the holiday then mention the trip and ask for the mechanic’s views on the car’s reliability. Also, though, have a look yourself – and if there’s anything you’re unsure about, get it checked. Don’t forget, too, to check oil levels, windscreen wiper fluid, battery…nobody wants to be trying to learn the French for a ‘where’s my nearest garage?’ when they’re on holiday.

Insurance – who’s covered?

Driving abroad is a great experience and one of those life-fulfilling moments that make you smile. That said, though, it can be hard work at times, and tiring. If you’ve got more than one driver on the trip, be sure to make sure you’re all covered for driving the car. It’s essential to take breaks from driving when you’re tired, and nobody should feel under pressure to drive from one end of a European country to the other just because they’re the only person insured to drive. Phone your insurance company well in advance, too, and check if they have any preferred partners, in terms of mechanics/vehicle recovery companies, in the country you’re travelling to. It’s the old cub scout motto – be prepared.

Get a used Car Warranty

As much faith as you may have in your car, and regardless of how many times you’ve done reliability checks in the lead up to your holiday, a used car warranty will give you plenty of reassurance. Indeed, even in the build up to the trip, if you discover a repair that’s needed, a used car warranty can cover you for costly repairs – meaning that not only will your car be repaired in time for your adventure, but also that, should anything happen while you’re on it, you won’t need to worry about your finances.

Used Car Warranties can cost a small number of pounds per month, but at a time of rising petrol costs, it’s a small price to pay for reassurance – and will mean you can enjoy your driving holiday from the word go.

If you’ve got any more tips around making sure your car is prepared for a summer holiday adventure, let us know over at our social channels listed below.

Car Warranty  26/06/2014 13:43:48

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