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Protecting Your Rights Under a Car Warranty

Protecting Your Rights Under a Car Warranty Image

A Car Warranty is a wonderful tool, as long as the consumer understands how to use it to its best advantage.  Unfortunately, many car owners make the mistake of never looking at the specifics of a warranty plan until something comes up.  Depending on what has transpired, it may be too late to make use of the warranty.  If you really want to protect your rights, take some time to learn what responsibilities you must carry out in order to benefit from the terms of the plan.

Before taking out any car warranty, read the terms carefully and make sure there is no misunderstanding about what you must do to maintain all the benefits found in the warranty provisions.  Often, your responsibilities will focus on keeping the car maintained properly, and only using garages and repair shops that the warranty provider approves.  Those approved repair shops will also use only authorised replacement parts, which in turn help to minimise the chances of losing some of your benefits under the claim of the installation of inferior components.

The idea of having a car warranty is to help offset expenses in the event that the car should fail through no fault of your own.  By reading and complying with the terms found in the warranty, you protect your right of access to those benefits, and make it easier to claim those benefits.  If you have not done so lately, take out your car warranty and read through the provisions.  Doing so could keep you from making a mistake that proves quite costly down the road.      

Author - Michael Hutchinson

Car Warranty  09/06/2011 14:00:01

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