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Reading Used Car Warranties

Reading Used Car Warranties Image

Buying a used car often means having the choice between a couple of used Car Warranties offered through the dealer.  While the warranties may be limited, the fact is that it is important to know what is included with each warranty plan, especially if one is free and the other comes at an additional cost.  For this reason, taking the time to read all the used car warranties offered is very important in order to make an informed decision.

There is no one right way to read used car warranties.  The goal is to identify specific benefits and responsibilities found in the terms and decide if they constitute a situation that is workable and beneficial.  One approach to this task is to keep pen and paper nearby while going through each warranty plan.  Jot down each benefit as well as each responsibility that is mentioned in the text of the document.  Also make a note of any questions you may have about one or more sections or provisions.  This will make it easier to get the answers you need before making a final decision.

Once you have read all the used car warranties carefully, noted what each one has to offer, and had any questions answered to your satisfaction by a dealer or other expert, compare the terms of each plan and go with the one that is best for your situation.  At times, you may find one plan to be a bit more feature-rich than you care for, especially if that plan comes at an additional cost.  At other times, the more comprehensive plan may be more in line with your lifestyle and be worth the extra money.  

Author - Michael Barclay

published: 18/04/2011 14:00:00

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