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Reasons for Having Extended Car Warranty

Reasons for Having Extended Car Warranty

You could try to come up with five great reasons for having extended car warranty, but really there is only one: peace of mind. Ok, so peace of mind could cover a whole range of things, but to know you are driving a car that is covered in case of faults is really the one reason for having extended car warranty.

New car warranty usually expires after three years depending on the manufacturer. Used car warranty expires from three months to one year on average depending on the dealer. Most of us hope to keep our cars a little longer than that.

The cost of repairs can soon mount up, particularly on an older used car model, but with GO Car Warranty their extended warranty policies start from just 99.00. That is a really reasonable price when compared to the cost of some repairs.

If you are like the majority of people in the UK, when your car breaks down you worry about how you are going to afford to pay for the repairs. Car breakdowns are not planned. You cannot know six months in advance that something is going to go wrong, allowing you to save for the event as you would a holiday or special occasion. Breakdowns catch you unawares - and usually the week before payday.

Having a GO Car extended warranty policy means that worry is no longer there. You can call the customer service department and advise them of your problem and let them take it from there. A small price to pay, and you will be glad that you did.

Author Michael Barclay

Extended Warranty  16/12/2010 11:01:50

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