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Renault agrees to wireless charging tests

Renault agrees to wireless charging tests Image

Renault has agreed a deal with Qualcomm Incorporated to launch a wireless electric vehicle charging trial in London.

Qualcomm will conduct the research on Renault vehicles after acquiring HalolPT, which provided wireless charging technology, last year.

The deal with HalolPT paved the way for the Qualcomm Halo WEVC system.

This uses magnetic induction and couples power from a base charging unit on to a vehicle charging unit.

The system then uses magnetic coupling to transfer power and charge up the vehicle's batteries, with similar efficiency to plug-in systems.

Qualcomm explained that the wireless systems are tolerant to misalignment and are able to make sure that enough power is passed on while maintaining the system's integrity.

It is thought that the WEVC system is able to operate on a variety of frequencies in very low and low bands - ideally under 300kHz.

Motor Warranty  25/07/2012 17:00:04

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