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Renault told to end electric battery approach

Renault told to end electric battery approach Image

Renault has been urged to "give some great electric cars a real chance" in the all-important fleet market.

Independent automotive information experts CAP, who made the call, recently reiterated its decision not to forecast used values for Renault electric vehicles until the battery is included, rather than leased separately.

It took particular issue with the French automaker's approach due to the fact that it believes the Renault Zoe is a very good car.

CAP experts think the electrical five-door supermini, which was launched in 2012, would do very well in the company car market.

But new Benefit In Kind tax rules for company car drivers will see the Renault Zoe's battery replacement cost added to the car's list price for P11D purposes.

CAP has been in discussion with Renault for years over its approach of treating the battery as a separate entity from the car itself.

It described the latest situation regarding the new tax rules as "another nail in the coffin" of the firm's electric vehicle prospects in the fleet market.

CAP is of the opinion that it is not possible to forecast the value of a vehicle with no intrinsic source of power. It compared Renault's approach to forecasting the value of a conventional car with no engine.

Vehicle Warranty  05/04/2013 14:00:01

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