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Residents not amused by potholes song

Residents not amused by potholes song Image

Taxpayers in Worcestershire have hit out at their county council for "wasting money" on a comedy video aimed at making it easier for motorists to report potholes.

Residents have labelled Right Here in Highways, a cover of Frank Sinatra's hit My Way, a "time-wasting" PR stunt and believe the music video makes light of a major issue on local roads, with damage at record levels.

Worcestershire county council forked out 1,000 to produce the four-minute clip, which promotes the local highways department.

Jon Fraser, who is in charge of the department, is dressed in a tuxedo as he walks around council offices and down county roads belting out a parody of Sinatra's classic. The council was inspired by Torfaen council, which combined Elvis and gritters.

"We're grateful to Torfaen council for the inspiration, and we're really excited about the launch of Worcestershire Highways' own video, 'At work in highways', which we hope broadcasts a serious and important message about the value of reporting potholes in an enjoyable way," Mr Fraser said.

However, the video has not gone down well at a time when the council is attempting to cut 100 million from its budget.

TaxPayers' Alliance campaign manager Robert Oxley said: "An amusing video will be zero comfort to motorists dodging potholes on the highways."

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