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Resist Car Warranty Pressure

Resist Car Warranty Pressure Image

When buying a new or used vehicle, some consumers find themselves under a great deal of pressure to purchase a particular Car Warranty offered by the dealer.  In some cases, the pressure is a well-intentioned effort to steer the car owner toward a more comprehensive warranty.  At other times, the idea is to make a little more money from the deal, even if the extra coverage is not right for the consumer.  In either case, step back and take a good look at what you need, then make your choice.


Decide what you need from a car warranty and allow that to be your guide.  This can usually be accomplished by comparing the benefits provided in several different warranty plans.  Make a list of the benefits you consider to be essential, along with a separate list of provisions that you would like to have if at all possible.  Identify the plan that includes all of your needs and as many of your wants as you can.  Assuming that the car warranty you choose is within an acceptable price range, then you can be happy with your decision.


Keep in mind that in some cases a basic car warranty may be sufficient for some car owners.  Let your intended use of the car and your general lifestyle guide you as to whether to go with a basic plan or something more comprehensive.  Doing so will provide coverage for most situations, while allowing you to avoid paying for benefits that are highly unlikely to ever be of any use.


Author: Michael Barclay

Motor Warranty  22/03/2011 11:00:01

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