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Review of MOT Standards

It has been announced that the government is planning to review the procedures for MOT tests, so that the UK is brought into line with Europe. Some of the proposed measures, which will include both vehicles with Car Warranty and those without, include testing the vehicle every two years instead of annually and not requiring a car to be first tested until the car is four years old, rather than the present three years.

The news has been welcomed in several quarters, as it has long been considered that the system needs to be reviewed. The news has however also raised the issue of high rates of failures. There is currently a failure rate for car warranty vehicles of three years old, of approximately 21%, which is high for what should be seen as a relatively new car.

The review of MOT standards is particularly important for car warranty owners, as it highlights the importance of good car maintenance. If a car is not MOT’d for two years, in the intervening period drivers will need to be considerably more vigilant about the health of their vehicle.

As the system stands presently, many drivers use the MOT as a health check to let them know if the car needs any work. With the gap now being two years, this approach will be inadequate and there is a greater risk of more unroadworthy vehicles being on the road. However, from a financial point of view, drivers will welcome the changes, as many people booking the car in for an MOT can often mean time off work, having to find extra money for the cost of the test.

Motor Warranty  09/12/2010 12:37:42

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