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Saab Warranty Value Questioned

Saab Warranty Value Questioned Image

Motorists who own Saab vehicles that are less than three years old will need to hope that their dealer remains operational, because it is reported they will get no assistance from the manufacturer.  Many thousands of Saab vehicle owners have been left without any Car Warranty and are facing the prospect of large repair bills following the struggling Swedish car manufacturer's collapse just prior to Christmas last year.  

The Guardian says that it was contacted by a couple who were forced to pay over £1,000 to have their nine month old Saab vehicle repaired when it suffered a breakdown just after the firm went into meltdown.  The couple was initially reassured that the car warranty would indeed be honoured, but then were later forced to pay the cost themselves.  Saab owners in the United Kingdom have been anxiously waiting for information since a Swedish district court placed a number of Saab companies in receivership on the 19th of December.  

The receiver for the United Kingdom receiver, Grant Thornton, said in December that Car Warranties "should be honoured and there is nothing for UK Saab owners to worry about" but now the receiver is claiming that there is no money with which to pay for car warranty claims.  Dealers have also been informed that there is car warranty cover from the manufacturer, but many purchasers are still unaware that the firm no longer exists.  

The upshot is that the three-year/60,000-mile car warranty that came with Saab vehicles that are less than three years old may now be effectively worthless.

Author - Michael Barclay

Car Warranty  06/02/2012 14:00:00

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