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Safety of Modern Cars

No one goes on the road thinking about how safe their car is. Unless, perhaps, you are driving an old banger that is powered more by prayer than petrol. The sort of car where gaffer tape is kept in the glove box for emergency repairs.

But safety is becoming increasingly important. Especially as nowadays modern cars have a whole range of technology that makes driving safer than it has ever been before. You could find yourself falling behind modern standards, putting you at greater risk. And if you are thinking of starting a family, or already have little ones, then there’s little excuse not to take advantage of some of the top of the range safety features.

Automatic Braking

Modern cars seem to be fitted with as much technology as a fighter jet. One of the most recent is automatic braking systems. These are where cars will have sensors on the front that monitor the distance and speed of the car in front. If they detect the car braking suddenly, then they will automatically apply the brakes for you. That split second that used to rely on reactions, now relies on a computer program that’s infinitely faster.

Anti-lock Braking Systems

A slightly older safety technology, anti-lock braking systems or ABS helps to prevent you from losing control when you are forced to brake sharply. Instead, they manage the pressure of the brake pads to ensure you lose speed without beginning to slide or skid dangerously.

Lane Control

It’s easy to lose concentration on the motorway. Driving for long stretches on roads that are pretty unremarkable, you can drift off through boredom. Lane control will make sure you stay safely inside your lane. You can either set the system to alert you when you start to drift. Or, in some of the more advanced models, it can manage your position for you.

Blindspot Detection

Another cause of accidents is pulling out into traffic and not seeing a car because it was in your blind spot. If your car has blind spot detection, then it will monitor the area you can’t see in your mirrors for you. While it’s still not advised to ignore checking your blind spot, this detection system can help you avoid a costly or dangerous accident.

Reversing Cameras                                                                          

It used to be that reversing was one of the most difficult aspects of driving. Having to use your mirrors or turn and look back, meant you were unable to view all aspects of the road at the same time. Reversing cameras mean you can keep your eyes on both the road in front and behind. So if you need to stop because you see a car coming in either direction, you will be able to do so quickly and efficiently.

Cross-traffic Assist

While reversing cameras make going backwards easier, they don’t always let you see if any traffic is coming. Cross-traffic assist will detect any cars coming from either direction and apply the brakes if a vehicle is coming. Meaning you won’t reverse back into the path of a car driving too fast to stop.

Car Buying Tips  01/05/2019 16:53:27

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