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Safety tips issued for icy driving conditions

Safety tips issued for icy driving conditions Image

With the arrival of the colder weather a road safety charity has issued tips on driving in frosty and icy conditions.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists' chief examiner Peter Rodger says drivers should:

* check weather forecast before travelling

* heed police warnings about closed roads and stick to main roads

* keep a scraper and de-icer in their vehicles

* use a squirt of WD40 to stop locks freezing

* retain visibility by clearing ice and condensation from all windows

* leave plenty of room between you and the car in front

* steer into skids.

Motorists are advised to avoid driving too fast, remain in higher gears, use the 'ice' setting if they have one and pull away in second gear by releasing the clutch and gently accelerating to avoid wheel spin.

Speed should be cut early when approaching bends, junctions and downhill stretches of road to ensure they keep control of their vehicle and if their car does lose its grip drivers should take their foot off the accelerator and point the front wheels where they want to go.

Mr Rodger said: "When the roads are icy the best advice is to drive as if you're walking on eggshells. Be prepared for the worst."

Car Care Tips  30/11/2012 11:00:01

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