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Sainsbury's car Insurance Offers Benefits to Customers

Sainsbury's car Insurance Offers Benefits to Customers Image

Should your car insurance policy about to be up for renewal, then it might be a good idea to take advantage of a very generous offer from Sainsbury's car insurance.  While not able to offer anything such as extended auto warranties, the insurance provider is giving Nectar cardholders the opportunity to receive as much as £293 in benefits and rewards should they take out a motor insurance policy prior to the 9th April.  In comparison with the UK car insurance industry policy average, the savings that are available - the equivalent of a 30% discount on the price of a yearly premium - are not to be taken lightly.  

As a part of the offer from Sainsbury's, customers who do take up such a policy prior to the deadline will be able to save as much as 15% off of the price of their yearly cover, as well as receiving twice as many Nectar points on all petrol and shopping across the course of the next two years.

Furthermore, Sainsbury's are also offering to provide free breakdown cover for a full year, including a free recovery service to a garage that is within 10 miles of the breakdown and free labour on roadside repairs.  An additional 5% discount was also on offer to customers who buy an insurance policy via Sainsbury's prior to the 8th February.

Sainsbury's are confident that their new offer, as well as their very extensive benefits package, will be of appeal to a large number of customers.

Author - Michael Barclay

Insurance  08/02/2012 14:00:00

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