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Sat navs could pose driving risk

Sat navs could pose driving risk Image

Drivers are being reminded of the dangers of not paying attention to the road while following sat nav directions.

The Fuelcard Company has issued motorists with advice to use sat nav systems safely, including positioning them so that vision remains unobstructed. The company is also advising drivers to use the night-time mode where possible, to avoid glare on the windshield.

Additional advice includes concentrating on the road ahead and trying not to focus too much on the screen, which could be distracting.

"For every amusing anecdote or photograph of a car in a river because the driver followed the sat nav too resolutely, there's a story of someone being seriously injured or killed for the same reason," said The Fuelcard Company's marketing director, Jakes de Kock.

"It's imperative that all drivers, including those who would class themselves as professional, are aware of these dangers and use their own common sense when following the instructions of these devices. They help to navigate, not to warn you of dangers on the road."

Car Warranty  24/10/2012 17:00:01

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