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Satnav driver stuck in Hampshire flood

Satnav driver stuck in Hampshire flood Image

A woman from Nottinghamshire has got stuck in a flooded road in Hampshire after she relied on instructions from her satnav.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue had to rescue the woman from her car after she drove into a ditch in Hook just before noon on Monday.

After she got stuck, the car was carried away by the flood and she was stranded for half an hour before being rescued.

Station manager Ian Wadmore said: "This is the fourth rescue of this kind that Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has made in two days. Vehicles can float away in just two feet of water. If your vehicle stalls, leave it immediately if safe to do so and seek higher ground.

"Do not travel in heavy rain storms unless absolutely necessary. If in doubt, do not enter the water, either in a vehicle or on foot. I urge all drivers to use a commonsense approach, especially when using a satnav, and to seek an alternative route if a road is under water."

Motorists driving in heavy rain should also make sure their car is covered by a warranty in case of a mishap.

Car Warranty  13/06/2012 17:00:01

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