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Saving Money with Car Warranty Petrol and Other Motoring Costs

A recent report has highlighted how UK drivers are wasting money by not planning ahead on expenses such as petrol. Last minute purchases of petrol mean that drivers often visit the petrol station that is nearest to them, but not necessarily the cheapest. The survey estimates that by not travelling further afield to a cheaper station, drivers can waste as much as £172 each year.

The report also included last minute purchases of items such as groceries, where customers again tended to make purchases from their nearest store, rather than thinking ahead and doing a weekly shop from the most cost effective supermarket.

The survey questioned 1000 UK adults, and women fared the worst according to the findings, with 74% of them admitting that they are more likely to purchase items at the last minute via the most convenient location. 68% of men fall into the same category. Surprisingly, the survey also revealed that people over the age of 45 are less likely to plan ahead to save money. Many people also admitted to buying petrol and other items, only to have seen them for sale cheaper at other outlets afterwards.

The same principle should apply to obtaining a Car Warranty. It is often the case that people will go without a car warranty because they believe it will save them money, but the financial benefits of adequate car warranty often outweigh the costs. After all, if the car needs to be repaired, this can be expensive. Drivers should consider car warranty to be another example of forward planning that can save money in the long-term.

Car Warranty Motor Warranty  23/11/2010 11:02:55

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