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Scheduling Maintenance to Comply With Your Car Warranty

Scheduling Maintenance to Comply With Your Car Warranty Image

With many Car Warranty plans, the benefits are subject to the car owner taking the time to keep the vehicle in proper running condition.  Typically, this means creating and following a viable maintenance schedule that involves consistent upkeep.  In many cases, it also means making sure that the maintenance is done by authorised shops and that only the recommended replacement parts are used when necessary.

Failure to follow the terms for maintenance found in the car warranty plans can invalidate significant portions of the cover.  For this reason, it is important that you set up a maintenance schedule that, at the very minimum, complies with those terms.  The only way you will know those terms is to read each provision in the warranty with care, and make note of what has to be done, and how often, in order to protect your investment in the warranty.

Make it a point to schedule such matters as periodic tune-ups, fluid changes and other basic tasks of car care at regular intervals throughout the year.  Also make sure that only recommended products are used in the maintenance.  By taking the time to do so, you can rest assured your car warranty is not invalidated in any way due to improper care. 

Along with ensuring that you can make full use of your warranty should the need arise, taking the time to keep the car properly maintained also means that the potential for a breakdown that leaves you stranded and without transportation is kept to a minimum.  That factor alone makes all the time and effort put into keeping the car in proper working order worthwhile.

Michael Barclay

Motor Warranty  04/07/2011 11:00:01

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