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Shortage of Winter Tyres

The recent wintery conditions have led to a number of reports that winter tyre stocks are set to run low, as many motorists take the opportunity to change their tyres. Specialist winter tyres give the vehicle more grip and this gives peace of mind in the type of conditions that we are experiencing at the moment. Some tyre suppliers are fitting more than 2000 of these winter tyres each week and are predicting that if that level of demand stays the same, some motorists will have difficulty finding a supplier that has them in stock.

It has also been reported that some manufacturers have none in stock and will not see their stocks replenished until the New Year. For fleet cars, many companies were advised several months ago to order winter tyres but most have failed to do so. These reports have led to suggestions that in future, winter tyres should be an option when purchasing the vehicle rather than having to buy them as an extra at a later date.

The news also reinforces the need for motorists to be aware of the need for car maintenance during the winter months. Having a Car Warranty is not enough to give you peace of mind when the conditions are bad and simple steps such as lowering speeds, keeping windscreens properly clear and carrying essentials such as first aid kits and blankets. Car warranty drivers should be properly aware of the steps that can be taken to ensure that any vehicle driven with a car warranty is working at its best in the winter months.

published: 06/12/2010 13:21:22

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