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Six apps that all drivers need

Smart phones are taking the world by storm. You can’t turn a corner, flip a page in a magazine or watch a set of adverts without seeing something related to your hand-held device that can seemingly do anything.

The phrase ‘there’s an app for that’, coined only a few years ago, is used every day as more and more applications are designed by experts and the public. And, the world of motoring has not escaped the trend. It will always be illegal and unsafe to use your mobile while driving, but there are brilliant apps out there that will still appeal to driving enthusiasts around the world.

Here are six of the best apps you can find for your mobile phone to help with all areas of driving.

Finding your way: Google Maps - The first is an obvious but essential one for anyone out on the road. Gone are the days of the giant fold-out Ordnance Survey maps and bickering couples. These days even SatNavs - which to many still appear a technological feat - are dated, when you can simply type in your destination on your mobile and have it tell you the way – literally!

Dodging the traffic: RAC Traffic - This one is straightforward but can be a real timesaver at short notice. A quick glance at the RAC Traffic app while you’re logging your directions into Goole will tell you which routes across the UK to avoid ensuring you don’t get caught up in traffic.

Entertaining the kids - Are We Nearly There Yet? - Forget to check RAC Traffic? Consequentially stuck bumper to bumper? Do not fear, there’s plenty to do while the congestion eases. Whether we’ve been asked it, heard it on TV or are guilty of saying it ourselves, we can all relate to the phrase ‘are we nearly there yet?’, when it comes to a lengthy car journey to visit Nan. This nifty app provides games and trivia, jokes and ‘I Spy’ questions to occupy the little ones.

Saving the planet en route: Carticipate - This free international initiative doubles both as a witty pun and a social media network. Inspired by the not-so-new idea of ‘car sharing’, Carticipate encourages its community to save fuel, save the environment and make friends by sharing lifts and communicating via the app. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s particularly popular for travelling to festivals.

Stopping over: Parkmobile - When it comes to driving, the journey is only part of the adventure. You’ll always have the task - which can often be a challenge in built up areas - of finding a safe and secure place to leave your vehicle. There’s also the need to ensure you have plenty of coins. Parkmobile, which is available across a multitude of phones, allows users to scan the UK for locations to park up legally and then pay by way of Smartphone using just a credit card and details of your license plate. Easy.

Finding your car: Find My Car - Parked in such a safe place that you can’t quite remember where your car is? Well you’re in luck, as the global Smartphone marketplace has discovered a need to assist forgetful drivers in finding their car.  Similar to the popular Find My Phone app, this one uses GPS to hone in on the exact location of your to ensure you’re reunited in no time. Ironically, the only catch is remembering to log the vehicles location before you leave it.


Driving Tips  17/02/2015 09:04:09

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