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Social Media on the Move

Social Media on the Move Image

While the great majority of motorists seem happy to use common sense when it comes to taking out Vehicle Warranties, it seems that sense does not extend to when they are actually out on the road.

Drivers in the United Kingdom are putting their social lives above road safety, according to a new report from The new survey reveals that 38.95% of motorists admit to using their mobile phones while driving, while 27% even admit to using their phones to log onto their Facebook account while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The car insurance firm's survey also revealed that as many as 45% of drivers will not even start their car unless they can at least see their mobile phone.

Given that statistics show that drivers who use a mobile phone while on the road are four times more likely to have a crash than those who do not, the survey results are proving to be a great source of concern for many. 

"It's a frightening thought that people are checking their smartphones while driving," reckons the director of RoadSafe, Adrian Walsh. "Many studies from across the world prove that drivers using phones are slower to respond than those who are just over the drink-drive limit. It is dangerous to use a phone - even hands free - when driving."

One fifth of motorists apparently cannot go longer than 15 minutes without checking their mobile phones, with the rising popularity of social media sites cited as one of the biggest reasons for the problem.

Motoring News  18/10/2011 11:00:01

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