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Summer Car Care Tips

Summer is well and truly underway, and most of us in the UK have been fortunate enough to experience a pretty good dose of sunshine so far. But while we may be enjoying the hotter temperatures, increased periods of warm weather can cause problems for your car.

The good news is you can reduce the risk of an issue arising, by carrying out a few basic maintenance checks.

So, here are our tips to ensure that this year, you can truly make the most of any more good weather that comes our way.

Clear out your filters

Over the year, your car’s air filter will end up picking up plenty of dirt and detritus - after all, that’s its job! But this accumulation of debris will lessen the effectiveness of your cooling system.

Take out the filter out and give it a good clean. This is especially important if you suffer from hayfever, as these filters are even more important at preventing your car from becoming full of pollen.

 Check the coolant levels

The last thing you need when out on the road in the summer is for your car to overheat. So you need to make sure that the oil and water levels are as they should be.

Open up the bonnet of your car and have a look at how much water you have in the system. When you do top up the level, be aware of diluting the anti-freeze inside too much. While it won’t affect you now, if you forget this in the winter then your car might seize up.

Oil might not seem too important for keeping your car cool, but making sure your engine is well lubricated will prevent it from overheating too much. Use the dipstick to check the levels.

You should also top up the windshield wiper fluid as there will be plenty of bugs and flies on the road that can dirty your windscreen.

Check your tyre air pressure

Intense heat can have a negative effect on your tires. The rubber will be particularly prone to heating up, so if the air pressure in your tyres is not right, then you could end up in trouble. Not only do incorrectly inflated tyres affect how efficient your brakes are, but they can also affect the steering on the road as you might end up losing grip.

Go to the petrol station and get your tyres properly inflated. It’s not as difficult as it looks and once you’ve done it once, you will be confident enough to do it again and again.

Other things to consider

If you have young children in the car, sunshields might be needed to ensure their seats don’t become too hot. You should also be careful with the metal seatbelt fasteners, as these can become dangerously hot if left under the sun.

You might also want to invest in a cool box for your car so you can keep refreshments handy, especially if you are heading out on a long road trip. Having something cool to drink can be really important after a long day out having fun under the sun.

Car Care Tips  30/07/2019 17:25:08

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