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Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Summer car maintenance image

Summer is a great time to open the bonnet and check out your car. Not just because the weather is nicer and you can cope with standing outside without your fingers feeling like they are going to fall off, but also because the long, cold winter is over Ė and invariably thatís when most of the damage is done.

So dust off the bonnet handle, lift it up and bring your car back to life with our handy checklist of summer car maintenance tasks.

Flush your radiator

As with radiators in the home, car radiators need a little TLC once in a while. The coolant in your radiator may have specs of corrosion in it, which itself can lead to engine heating issues. So an annual radiator flush is a great way of preventing a costly radiator repair.

Replace your windscreen wipers

Your windscreen wipers will have taken a proper beating for the last few months, dealing with cold rain and anything else the weather has thrown at it. Now is a great time to check the wipers as they could be struggling. Did you know that you can use vinegar to help re-invigerate the rubber on windscreen wipers? If this doesnít work though they are fairly cheap to replace.

Brake inspection

Brakes should be checked twice a year ideally, but it is unlikely that most people would do this. So while the sun is shining why not pop to your local garage and have them checked out, and also check your brake fluid at the same time. If you call around you will usually be able to find a garage that will offer a free brake check. This is well worth doing as you donít need us telling you how dangerous driving with bad brakes could be.

Check your headlights

Your headlights will have spent a large part of the winter months guiding you through the dark, but during the summer you might not notice that a bulbís gone unless you are specifically looking for it. Think back to your driving test (donít tell me youíve not checked your headlights since then!) and make sure your headlights are shining brightly.

Battery check

Battery corrosion is a more likely consequence of winter driving, so itís important to check your battery to make sure youíre not going to have issues starting your engine.

Tyre checks

Perhaps the most obvious point on this list is the last one, but that doesnít mean itís not important. Get out your pump and check the pressure levels on your tyres, pumping them up to the correct pressure. This wonít just make your car safer but it will also save you pounds as youíll be driving a much more efficient vehicle if all four tyres are pumped up to the correct levels.

Car Care Tips  06/06/2013 16:07:19

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