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Supermarkets cut diesel by 2p a litre

Supermarkets cut diesel by 2p a litre Image

Two of the UK's biggest supermarket chains have announced cuts to the price of diesel at their forecourts.

Sainsbury's revealed it is reducing the price of its diesel by up to 2p a litre from Tuesday, meaning motorists will be able to get more fuel for their money.

"We know that fuel is a big part of our customers' budgets and therefore we are pleased to announce this cut," said Richard Crampton, Sainsbury's head of fuel.

Rival Asda, meanwhile, has also announced a diesel decrease of 2p a litre from Tuesday.

Drivers filling up at its pumps will now pay no more than 139.7p a litre for diesel, although its price for petrol remained at 134.7p a litre.

Commenting on the cut, Andy Peake, Asda's petrol trading director, said: "When we do drop prices, we drop them everywhere, setting a maximum national price cap for our customers meaning they all benefit from our low prices, regardless of where they live and are travelling to this Easter weekend."

The reductions represent further good news for motorists, who were recently spared next autumn's planned fuel duty rise.

Fuel is an important cost that firms need to budget for, just like Car Warranties. While there is not much that can be done about fuel prices, companies who ensure they are covered against unexpected repair bills could save a significant amount of money.

Car Warranty  26/03/2013 14:00:01

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