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Taking Action Before Your Auto Warranty Expires

Taking Action Before Your Auto Warranty Expires  Image

As a general rule, car owners should decide what to do in terms of warranty cover before the current auto warranty expires.  This involves careful consideration of all possible options, including a renewal of the current warranty plan.  Even with older vehicles, there are usually at least a couple of options to consider.

One of the first things to look into is the ability to renew the existing auto warranty.  Check with the provider to see if this can be done.  If so, verify the scope of covered events as well as the price.  Keep in mind that as the car ages, some of the benefits may not be quite as attractive as before, but if the price is right, the renewal can be structured to easily pick up where the expired warranty leaves off, with no break in the coverage.

Another approach is to consider auto warranty plans offered by other providers.  This may be your best bet if the renewed plans offered by the current provider do not seem to be very cost-effective or carry the range of benefits you have in mind.  Always make sure the providers of these other warranty plans are reliable and have a good reputation in the industry, then look over their offerings very carefully.

No matter which route you take, do not wait until the current auto warranty expires to begin shopping around.  Even a small window of no coverage could be costly if an event that would be covered should occur.  Protect your interests and make sure that you have something in place before that current plan expires.  You will gain a lot of peace of mind and also protect yourself from what could be a costly lesson.  

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