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The 5 Most Infamous Cars in History

When the word famous is mentioned we immediately associate it with glamour, film/TV stars and icons of our time.  But by making a subtle change to the word we have infamous, immediately conjuring thoughts of a much darker nature. Notorious characters, bad deeds and sinister events spring to mind. Through the dramatic twists of fate, specific models of car have often become infamous in their own right. The superstitious may say these cars are cursed, while others will say they are simply unlucky.  Now whilst taking slow drive down the dark road of automotive history, we will bring up a number of cars have become dark icons of the past.

1955 Porsche 550 Spyder

We begin with the beautiful silver classic, 550 Spyder, owned by the 50’s icon James Dean. He had a passion for speed and fast cars, owning a MG TD and a Porsche 356 in addition to the deadly Spyder. But one fateful day he lived up to that live fast die young attitude he exuded.  Whilst speeding down Route 46 he and the ill-fated Porsche were involved in a fatal collision with a 1950 Ford Tudor driven by Donald Turnupseed. 

Strangely, a series of unfortunate events seemed to follow those associated with this car. A similar car with the engine transplanted was soon after involved in an accident, killing the owner. People involved in the loading /unloading of the original vehicle oddly suffered serious injuries, one of which was even killed. This disastrous car eventually vanished without a trace in 1960.

1961 Lincoln Continental X100

It’s safe to say most of us have heard about the conspiracy theories concerning the John F Kennedy assassination of 1963. Many of us have even seen the footage of the shooting as he and his wife were sitting in a black Lincoln Continental. Once a flash luxury car of the 60’s it will now always be remembered as the car an American leader was killed in.

Believe it or not the car was actually put back into service, be it after some additional modifications such as bulletproof windows. The Ford Motor Company continued to rent the car to the White House, which was used to transport proceeding presidents Nixon and Johnson. Nowadays the retired old Continental can be seen on public display at the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan. 

1993 Ford Bronco

During 1993 an event took place which captivated thousands of viewers worldwide. A white SUV Ford Bronco cruised down the Interstate 405 at 35mph while a whole squadron of police patrol cars followed. The police were after the passenger of the car, O.J Simpson “The Juice”, a football superstar turned double homicide suspect. When O.J  didn’t turn himself in to the police they came after for him and an unbelievable pursuit entailed. Not long after this talked about event, Ford actually decided to discontinue the Ford Bronco, replacing it with the 4-door Expedition. 

1934 Ford Model 730 Deluxe

The Ford Model 730 has become well known as the getaway vehicle of choice for the notorious criminals Bonnie and Clyde. This devious couple lived and died by the gun through an astonishing 2-year crime spree. Seen as rebel outlaws of the time, these two evaded police capture for a remarkable amount of time whilst gaining mass publicity. Their stolen Ford boasted a powerful V8 engine, great for getting away from the police. But ultimately they were ambushed before they could reach their car and both died in a hail of police gunfire.

1943 Mercedes Grosse 770

This mammoth of an automobile earns its spot on the list due to the immensely infamous owner. No introductions required, it’s none other than German leader Adolf Hitler. During his reign he owned a fleet of six of these heavily armoured limousines. Each beast weighed in at over 4 tons due to their giant size and heavy armour plating. Even though they were powered by modified inline 8 cylinder engines, it would still only allow for a sluggish top speed of 93mph. Special features included bulletproof glass windows, armoured doors and a deployable rear mounted shield. There were even dedicated compartments for storing pistols and other weapons – ideal for transporting crazed dictators!


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