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The best car gadgets out there

The best car gadgets out there

Car gadgets - touch screen display

Modern cars are fitted with some of the most advanced technology around. Whether it’s state of the art safety technology, or living room quality surround sound, you can find it in the latest models. But not everyone can afford the most expensive upgrades, leaving you with the basic standard model. The good news is that you can get gadgets that cover all your technology needs. Here are five that you must have in your car.


Getting from A to B is the top priority in your car. And if you can do it as quickly and smoothly as possible, then that’s even better. Smartphones may have cut into the sat-nav market, but with poor battery life and always needing an internet connection, then you can’t really go wrong with a standalone device.

Phone charger

No matter how much the technology advances, it seems that smartphone batteries are always destined to be unreliable at best. Investing in a phone charger that you can connect into your car is a good idea. Most older cars still have cigarette lighters to plug into. Look for one that suits your particular car.

Dash cam

Insurance claims are always a pain to deal with, especially if you need to prove your case. Not every driver on the road is honest and trustworthy. Buying a dash cam to install in your car can save a lot of headaches. And even if you don’t make a claim, you might have some high quality footage to upload to YouTube.

GPS tracker

If you’re investing money into your car, you’ll want to be sure that it won’t get stolen. While installing an expensive alarm system may not be feasible, you can buy a GPS tracker that can help you track your car. Using an app and a small device, you can rest assured that even if your car is stolen, it will quickly be found.

Bluetooth car kit

Not every car has a built in hands free system. Thankfully, you can find a cheap kit that will give you Bluetooth compatibility for your car. So you can drive safely without worrying about a dangerous distraction.

Technology  28/02/2017 14:45:58

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