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The Best Cars for First Time Drivers

The time has finally come for your first true taste of freedom. You can’t wait to become completely self reliant, going anywhere anytime you please. But there is one big question holding you back, what car should I buy? This question becomes a real headache for many, especially if they are not car experts. To make things worse, the new driver and their parents often have opposing views on a suitable vehicle. Fortunately within this article you will find a number of universal key points which will help pin point your perfect first set of wheels.


As always, safety is a crucial factor. Statistically speaking when you first start driving it’s the most likely time for your car’s safety devices to be pushed. Generally newer cars will be safer than older models due to advances in design and safety technology. Current basic safety features to look for are airbags, crumple zones, TC (traction control) and ABS (anti-lock braking system). You will find that newest cars will have all manners of additional advanced safety features. For more assurance, the car crash test data from Euro NCAP will give you a reliable indication of the car’s safety in a worst case scenario.


A key factor which should always be considered is reliability. Chances are your first car is going to be used very often, potentially driven badly, maybe even abused at times. Therefore it is important your choice of car is likely be strong enough to survive your initial driving experiences. Asking around people you know or conducting basic internet research can give you a good idea of a car’s reliability. Try to find balanced reviews from current or previous owners and their experiences.

Used Car Warranties are a great way to protect your bank account should the car fail on you. Warranties are often available when purchasing a car through a dealer but can also be purchased later. By paying an agreed amount for cover you can insure yourself against expensive bills or being left without your new beloved car.


The initial cost of purchasing your car can heavily influence your available potential choices. It would be wise to choose the best car possible within your set budget. Skimping may land you with a car which is much less reliable and safe, whereas over spending could make you financially unstable. Instead calculate a suitable budget for yourself and see which cars are available within it. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a large budget, it’s still not sensible to splash out on anything too flash. After all, you could end up damaging it whilst you’re still getting used to driving. Try to resist the temptation to buy anything too sporty just because you can, with little driving experience these cars will become much more dangerous.


Insurance for young drivers is already at a dreadful all time high. So bearing this in mind your choice of car may already be heavily influenced by what you can afford to insure. Cost of policies will remain high for at least the first few years so it’s a good idea to look for a car in a low insurance group. Generally speaking, smaller cars with smaller engine capacities will be found in the lower insurance groups. Unsurprisingly the sports models and higher performance cars will be in the higher groups and kept further out of reach for those first time drivers. But don’t worry, the insurance group for any given car can quickly and easily be found using an internet search.

Car Buying Tips  13/05/2014 14:20:31

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