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The best cars for road trips

If you asked a car enthusiast to give you an insight into their bucket list, the words Ďroad tripí would surely have a place near the top. To many drivers partial to exciting and lengthy journeys behind the wheel, those two words bring visions of unlimited possibilities, space to think and creating memories that last a lifetime. To others, a road trip is simply an excuse to get away and see a bit more of the country youíre in, those nearby or even experience roads in far distant places. Whatever it means to you, youíre going to want to travel in comfort in a vehicle to match the mood and the terrain. Here are a list of some of the best cars for some of the best road trips around.

The van for exploring the countryside

The VW Campervan is synonymous with freedom and bucking the trend, so what better car is there to represent your mood when escaping the rat race than an absolute classic. Theyíre known for being spacious and comfortable and are therefore ideal for the family, whilst being relatively simple and easy to manage. You can attach tents to the top, mount bikes to the side even bring along a stove.

The convertible for the Outback

The Australian outback is known for being uninviting and inhospitable, yet it draws the attention of drivers around the world for that very reason. The fact that thereís a chance you wonít pass a soul for hours doesnít mean you should neglect style. Due to the sheer temperature involved, a car with a retractable roof, such as the oh-so-trendy Ford Mustang roof, is a great idea for this trip. Just donít forget sun cream and a hat!

The off-roader for the Rockies

Some road trips involve very little road at all. You could argue that a wise option could be an old Ďbangerí, such as a pick-up thatís seen better days. However, itís worth keeping in mind the risk of breakdown and itís often worth spending the time and money in advance to find something you can rely on, than to fork out for assistance and potentially ruin your trip. An off-road vehicle such as the Grand Jeep Cherokee will come at a cost, but it offers luxury in everything from leather to suspension and will tackle those tricky dunes and dusty paths along the way.

The estate for the family rounds

Itís an important part of the year and we all do it; the road trip to see family at Christmas. Thousands of people clock up hundreds of miles around the festive period and although laced with excitement and anticipation, these journeys can often be frustrating due to traffic and lack of sleep. Estate cars are sometimes overlooked as a practical and safe way to cart family and possessions around the country in comfortable seats and spacious boots; ideal for cramming in all the Christmas prezzies too!

The sports car for the summer escape

Trying out the West Coast of America? Why not explore Americaís Hollywood state in a movie-starís car. You donít have to buy a Ferrari California T; you can always rent one and feel like a celeb for a few weeks. For added amusement, tinted windows will keep the public guessing whoís inside!

Driving Tips  14/10/2014 09:01:07

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