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The Best Cars For Skiing Holidays

Avid skiers who head off to the slope for regular holidays must consider their vehicles with care. Itís no easy task to find a car that can offer them the best of both worlds. Compromises have to be made between everyday driving and mountain excursions. Professional skiers came up with the following key criteria for selecting their cars:

  • Off-roading capability for snow and tough road conditions
  • Luxury and comfort for long tiring road trips
  • Power for pulling their passengers and gear up steep inclines
  • Reliability to ensure holidays are not ruined by breakdowns†
  • Space for gear, luggage and passengers
  • Safety in the event of crashes due to increased risks

Itís clear that skiers are quite demanding on their vehicles. With all points considered, hereís our list of top candidates.

The Driverís Car - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

With its legendary rally pedigree the Evolution is a top candidate for both on and off-road performance. The Japanese sports saloon may lack in storage space but it certainly makes up for it with superb handling and grin factor. With four-wheel drive and a powerful turbo charged engine itís capable and thrilling when pushed. If youíre a driving enthusiast and can get by with a roof rack, itís an ideal choice. The only hitch, whilst you are grinning from ear to ear your passengers may be so thrilled by your driving style!

Passenger Comfort and Luxury Ė Land Rover Range Rover

The Range Rover boasts outstanding off-roading abilities whilst providing uncompromised comfort for all passengers. Itís the top choice for longer journeys thanks to itís well-refined interior laden with high-tech gadgets. Remain safe and snug at all times even in the harshest of weather conditions. With itís advanced traction systems you certainly wontí be getting stuck anywhere along the way either. Itís even spacious enough to carry large piles of gear. Just make sure youíre prepared for higher costs, itís expensive to buy, service and repair. Plus, fuelling the beast is a major expense alone!

Practical All Rounder - Audi Allroad

For those who desire a comfortable daily vehicle that offers enhanced off-road abilities, here we have the Allroad. Based on the wildly popular A4 model, the Allroad extends in size and borrows the Quattro all-wheel drive system. To help it handle tougher terrain Audi raised the ground clearance to 7Ē and even added skid plates. With a powerful 220BHP engine it will still perform well whilst fully loaded. Luxury has been tended to in typical Audi fashion, great climate control, heated seats and more. All in all itís the most practical and affordable way to get the best of both worlds.

Go Big Or Go Home Ė Ford F-150

Now if you the kind of person who likes to take things a little too far, this is definitely for you. The Ford F-150 is a beast that fulfils a hard-core skiers fantasy, though few are daring enough to seriously consider it. If you have use for an incredibly awesome pickup truck in your everyday life it could still be passable. Then you can storm up all mountain passes with monstrous power and prowess. If you need to take your friends along for the ride too check out the extended crew cabin model. In the spirit of taking things too far, consider the SVT Raptor model with its 6.2L V8 engine. Do you need enough brute force to dig up the entire slope under your right foot? If you can sacrifice sensibilities, practically and comfort you may get your hands on this ultimate utility vehicle for skiers.†

Driving Tips  30/12/2015 11:17:47

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