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The best cars to tow a caravan and carry the kids

There are certain car specifications that car buyers tick as ‘essential’ before beginning that exciting hunt for a new motor. Golfers and dog owners like their spacious boots.  Rural dwellers like thick, sturdy and reliable wheels. And those who especially feel the cold wouldn’t deny considering the importance of heated seats. 

But there’s one requirement that many families around the world place above all the others, especially when it comes to going on holiday. It’s also one they are least likely to fall out over; size. Family numbers are increasing year on year and, perhaps even more noticeable, is that desire for ultimate comfort on long journeys. That comfort often extends to motor-homes and, for those who enjoy caravanning holidays, the general rule is the bigger the better. 

So, that pokey ‘people carrier’ just doesn’t quite carry enough people and your caravan needs a strong car to tow it; which vehicle is your best bet for taking your brood and your holiday home on the road? 

•    The Nissan Qashqai - SUVs are all about the off-road ability, an important trait when towing. What the Qashqai offers merges your biggest requirements in a family holiday car; practicality, comfort, low CO2 emissions and size. 

•    Ford Mondeo Estate - perfect as both a family far and a towing car. It’s comfortable, stylish and capable of towing up to 2200kg without the need for off-road status. It also has a colossal boot for luggage to help distribute weight on the road.

•    Land Rover 4X4 - As far as family friendly and immensely powerful vehicles go, you can rely on a 4X4 Land Rover or Range Rover to get you from A-B. Gone are the days of simplicity and rough-around-the-edges in off-road vehicles; even those cars designed to navigate sand dunes make for ideal holiday companions.

•    Volkswagen Tiguan Crossover - The Tiguan is known for being affordable as well as for being a quality drive in the city and off the beaten track. You can also choose between two and four wheel drive, depending on the size of your load and where you’re towing your trailer to.

•    Jeep Grand Cherokee - Just consider the possibilities of a 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel engine and eight gears. Depending on the model, you could find yourself with a rear-view camera and a blind-spot monitor to assist in keeping an eye on the caravan behind and for the challenge of reversing.

•    The Ford Kuga - The Kuga is another option that oozes class and space for the family to explore when on the road. The Kuga again comes with the option to choose a model with four-wheel-drive capabilities, exactly what you want when towing.
Remember there are a number of factors to consider beyond comfort, fuel economy and CO2 emissions that don’t involve your vehicle, including the type of tow bar, the weight of your cargo and the roads you plan to use. For example a slicker road often affects the drive and a better quality caravan may mean a bigger drag, but modern materials could be lighter. For more examples of the best tow cars, you can’t go wrong with checking out the winners of the Tow Car Awards.

Car Buying Tips  22/08/2014 14:35:35

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