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The Big 3 World's Most Valuable Car Manufacturers

It’s fair to say automobiles play an integral role in our modern day lives. On a day-to-day basis many of us rely on them solely for personal transport. The majority of industries use them as work horses to transport goods. Yet let us not forget, the sporty models can offer us a thrilling ride!

Various brands have sprung up each with their own specific goals and ethos. The strongest manufacturers have progressed over time, bringing us higher performance and reliability. Then recent environmental awareness has pushed them to purse refinement and fuel economy.

The most successful of these companies are now the most widely recognised vehicles on our roads. You may be interested to know exactly who the current heavyweights of the automotive industry are.  They have been identified by expert’s opinion and analysis of consumer perspective. See below for the Top 3 valued car companies of 2015.

1st Place - Toyota (£23 Billion)

The current world leader for the automotive industry is none other than Toyota. With their headquarters in Toyota City, Japan, the company covers the widest range of buyer demographics. Their brands Lexus and Scion allow them to reach the more luxurious markets. Commercial vehicles are catered for with their Hino brand. They even have future plans in the electric car market using their Ranz brand.

Whilst the highest valued of all current manufacturers, they also hold the top spot for production volume. With 8,381,968 cars produced in 2013, they dwarf the next best G.M by over 2 million! Toyota has a solid standing in market dominance, it’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

2nd Place - BMW (£19 Billion)

Next up we have BMW as the world’s second most valuable company. Based out of Munich, Germany, they are the most valuable manufacturer for their country. Founded back in 1916 the brand is well seasoned at almost a decade old. Over this time they have progressed rapidly, reinforced by great success in the motorsport world. BMW have even managed to successfully carry their brand into motorcycle industry. Did we mention they now own Rolls Royce?

On a production scale they are only the 14th largest producer of motor vehicles with 2,065,216 cars last year. Yet their true focus on quality over quantity has paid off long-term. They are now recognised worldwide as a brand of high-performance and luxury vehicles.

3rd Place - Volkswagen (£17.8 Billion)

The well-loved manufacturer Volkswagen secures third place for company value.  They were founded in 1937 at their headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. Since then it’s grown to become one of the most recognised brands around the globe. Their Beetle and Camper models were a massive hit, reaching iconic status in the automotive world. They now have a firm hold in the American and European markets whilst gaining popularity in Asia.

The company also ranks as third for their production volume with 8,576,964 cars produced. Their Golf, Jetta and Passat models have sold well, successfully marketed as a brand for the people. Now they even own a large stake in the more luxurious German brand Audi.

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