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The Car Technology We All Want a Piece Of

Car technology today is a far cry from those early models built back at the start of the nineteenth century. Now most cars have an onboard computer controlling every aspect of engine management, whilst safety technology in new cars has almost completely removed human error, drastically reducing accidents. 2019 brings more exciting developments. Here are some of the highlights.

Your own drive-in theatre experience

Audi will be debuting an exciting in-car entertainment experience where you will be able to watch or stream your favourite movies in the comfort of your car. Surround sound and the comfortable Audi seats will mean you can drive the cinema with you. And don’t worry, the system won’t work when the car is in motion, so you won’t be hit by an Audi driver catching up on the latest binge-watch.

A car that knows how you feel

KIA are working on a smart AI technology that will be able to recognise how you are feeling as you drive. So if you are feeling sad or tired, the car will be able to adjust the temperature, lighting and music to help shake you out of your mood.

Nissan’s new electric car

Nissan will be launching their upgraded version of the Leaf – one of the market’s best electric cars. With a range of over 200 miles, you can expect a better drive, quicker charge, and a vehicle that, while pricey at first, will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Driverless shuttles

A surprise name entering the automotive industry in 2019 are Bosch, the German tool and component manufacturers. They have predicted that, in cities, the car will soon be replaced by a shuttle system that will take you back and forth without a driver. Bosch have developed the technology with infotainment systems and software that will help users find an available shuttle to use.

Upgraded keyless entry

Keyless entry is becoming more prevalent and so too has hackers attempts to override these systems. So car companies have been working to make the technology more efficient and secure. Bosch are also involved, developing a system called ‘Perfectly Keyless’ that will make the system more efficient for users, while preventing malicious attacks from car thieves.

Companies are also working on apps that mean you can enter your car with nothing but your phone.

Autonomous driving will continue to improve

Cars are working harder to take the occasionally tediousness of driving away from drivers. Next year, expect to see more advanced cruise control, lane management, and automatic braking systems as the technology improves.

But it’s autonomous driving where the technology will see real strides. Self-driving cars and trucks have been tested on the roads in the US for the past few years. Initiatives by the UK government mean we will soon see self-driving cars on the road here.

And companies have been getting focus groups to answer moral questions over accidents. In a no-win situation, should a self-driving car hit two adults or one child? The possibly frightening answer will soon be revealed.

Technology  18/04/2019 16:45:00

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