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The Exciting Future of Car Sales Digital Showrooms

Imagine this for a moment, access to an uncompromised car buying experience from your living room sofa. All you would need is a computer, smart-phone or tablet and a stable internet connection. Everything can be arranged using swipes, touches and clicks on your preferred device. You don’t even have to engage in a verbal battle with overzealous salesmen. This is just what the Hyundai Motor Company envisioned when they teamed up with Rockar to offer the first taste of a digital showroom future.

A Different Approach

Hyundai Rockar seeks to radically improve convenience to buyers versus the usual visits to tradition dealerships. Their digital alternative is highly customer focused, providing a more efficient way to purchase new cars. Potential buyers are provided with a facility to perform their own research, schedule test-drives, organise part exchanges and ultimately purchase their new cars. Instead of a regular sales team the “Rockar Angels” are at hand to assist shoppers through the process if they so require.

Those with busy schedules can carry out the whole process from the comfort of their own home, maximising time efficiency. In fact, by accessing the site through a buyer can select and purchase their car in less than five minutes flat! The store at Bluewater in Kent is set up and ready to carry out all physical tasks after all arrangements have been made through their site.

Ensuring Transparency

After two years of intensive development, Rockar Hyundai finished crafting their new online sales platform. Simplicity, time efficiency and transparency have all been the major focuses of the project.  For a start, all buyers will pay equal prices as there is no haggling or commission driven sales. They also promise not to push add on sales or trick you into parting with more money than you need to. You won’t encounter any slick salesman chat, in fact you will not even be forced to speak to any one during your purchase.

You don’t lose out when it comes to dealership servicing either. Rockar Hyundai facilitates all routine maintenance and servicing at their Bluewater Store. Whilst celebrating the launch of this new service, they are currently offering the first 100 car buyers free servicing for three years!

The Customer is Key

The founder of Rockar, Simon Dixon, has worked with many successful projects in the past. He has been specifically immersed in automotive retail for the last 20 years. He made the following comment:

“The key to the Hyundai and Rockar collaboration is helping the customers. We want to empower them, giving them freedom and flexibility to buy a new car through the comfort of their own homes.”

Hyundai Motors’ President and CEO, Tony Whitehorn, made the following remarks:

“Here at Hyundai we believe that the customer should come first, purchasing and maintaining a car should be as simple and pleasurable as possible. Rockar Hyundai has created an exciting new way to buy cars, focusing on smoothing out the process for customers. Physical dealerships will still continue to play a big part in the industry, but we believe it’s important to offer a flexible alternative to our buyers.”

Car Buying Tips  13/01/2015 09:03:43

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