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The Importance of a Regular Car Service

Recent reports suggest that one in four of all motorists do not have their cars serviced on a regular basis. As the economic situation has taken hold, families have been forced to look at their outgoings and make many cutbacks. As the car is often a major expense, it is all too easy to skip a service if you feel that the car is in good health. Other car expenses are unavoidable as there is no choice but to pay them, such as fuel, insurance and MOT.

Good maintenance, even for those with a Car Warranty is essential and there are a number of things that motorists should take into account before they begin to cut corners. A service will look at a number of different aspects of car care such as the tyres, which are checked for age, pressure and depth. Given that your car tyres actually have contact with the road, keeping them in good condition is essential.

A service will check other essentials such as oil and coolant, not to mention the brakes, which can be a life saving essential if they are properly maintained. Motorists should also not forget that selling a car on afterwards is far easier with a full service history not to mention getting a better price for the car. Those with a car warranty can benefit as some car warranty agreements include servicing, so it is worth checking the terms of your contract.

Author Michael Barclay

Car Care Tips  14/12/2010 11:54:59

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