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The Most and Least Reliable Cars of 2013

The facts and figures are in. Data collected from What Car has been analysed to find out the reliability of used cars for 2013. The report covers 38 of the most popular brands and models aged between 3 and 8 years old.  By taking into account cost of and number of repairs required, it has been possible to easily
compare the reliability of each brand. Continue reading as we reveal the most and least reliable car manufacturers according to warranty claims in 2013.

The Most Reliable Brands – Honda

For an unbelievable 8 years running, Honda still tops the chart as the most reliable car manufacturer according to UK data. Although average cost of repairs may not be the cheapest in this list at £356.46, a super low reliability index rating of 39 shows they rarely do go wrong. Honda remains the king of cost effective yet reliable cars.


Considering this is a relatively small manufacturer when compared to Japanese giants Toyota and Nissan, Suzuki has provided an excellent result. They boast the lowest average repair cost on the list at £258.03 and whilst still having quite a low reliability index of 46. It just goes to show they do produce some cracking little cars.


Subaru has built a reputation for combining high performance machines with everyday work horses. The report data supports this as a success by coming in at the 3rd most reliable used car brand in the UK. With average repair costs of £300.40 and a reliability index of 63, you really can have that extra performance without having to sacrifice your pay check.


The fourth Japanese brand in the top of the charts for reliability is the Japanese giant Toyota. Average repair costs creep up to £392.40 but reliability is still quite strong with a rating of just 70. It just goes to show that the Japanese mass production methods are strong, producing cost effective cars whilst still ensuring a good build quality.

The Least Reliable Brands - Bentley

Diving right down to the bottom of the barrel, it may surprise you to find a premium brand such as Bentley. Even though the average mileage for this brand is much less than the all top performers, the reliability index score skyrockets to an eye watering 485. As you have probably guessed the average cost of repair is also staggering at £560.27. With this in mind you would certainly be wise to invest in a Car Warranty policy.

Land Rover

This one may not come as such a surprise. In the recent years, many Land Rovers have been plagued with bad reliability and expensive repairs. For the most part, this could be due to their complex nature, the fact they often used for tough work and are typically driven for longer distances. The reliability index rating is a fair bit lower than Bentley but still not very respectable at 325. The average repair bills still sting at a pricey £437.91.


Yet another shocker at the bottom of this list is German performance brand Porsche. We have come to associate German engineering with quality and refinement, although in a used car market this could lead you to think otherwise. Due to the sporty nature of the vehicles they tend to be driven more aggressively, generating more wear and tear at a faster rate. Then the replacement parts come at a jaw dropping premium, an average repair comes in at a hefty £616.22. Subsequently the reliability index sits at an unimpressive 270.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo has always sat at the butt end of car reliability jokes. But now with official facts and figures to hand we can see why. Once again the Italian brand finds itself lingering in the least reliable category. The average repair bill sums up to £385.54 and the reliability index rating is still not very reasonable at 251. Luckily not all hope is lost for the Italians as the parent company Fiat is performing far better.

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