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The Most Famous Art Cars

By definition an Art Car can be any motorised four-wheel vehicle that has been artistically enhanced. These cars can be found all around the globe, each fulfilling a different wild artistic vision. Art Cars can be seen as a creative expression of passion for motor vehicles and with strong individualism.

These projects have been lead by manufacturers, both public and private organisations and even community driven individuals. Continue to read below as we explore the most famous Car Art masterpieces from around the world.

BMW’s Art Car Project

The BMW Art Cars grew to become well-known manufacturer driven tradition. It all began with the French racer Herve Poulain. He invited his close friend and famous artist Alexander Calder to decorate his BMW 3.0 CSL racecar. It was a big hit in the 1975 Le Mans.

Since then BMW have decided to adopt the tradition, inviting many famous artists to use their models as an artistic canvas. To date there has been 17 official models, each fantastic in their individual ways. With each model a new artist was selected by a panel of international judges. The most well known contributors included David Hockney, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Stella, Jenny Holzer, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol.

The BMW Art Car Project served as a great marketing tool for the company. Initially used only for race cars, their BMW gathered increased attention at many popular events. Their Art Cars eventually crossed over into the production market and featured in advertising campaigns.

The Mutant Vehicles of Burning Man

The infamous Burning Man Festival of Black Rock City, holds a creation of a temporary community in the middle of the Nevada Desert. The highly experimental event is fuelled by individualism and expression through art. Much of the artwork produced is unique to this specular event.

Mutant Cars are always a highlight of the event, purpose built for each festival gathering. Hundreds of creative individuals turn up in cars modified beyond the realms of imagination. To gain access as a true Mutant Car they must pass the golden criteria, their model must be unrecognisable. As a result Mutant Cars are often incredibly wacky. Now imagine over 500 of these machines roaming the desert!

The Vochol

Originating in the heart of Mexico, the “Vochol” is a VW Beetle transformed into pure cultural artwork. This was achieved by applying traditional “Huichol” directly to a humble Beetle. The name Vochol was derived using “Voho”, the Mexican term for VW Beetle, and “Huichol” refers to the native Mexican tribe.

The project served as modern day tribute to traditional Huichol craftsmanship and skill.  Sponsored by a number of public and private organisations, 8 Huichol artists were recruited. Together they racked up 4,760 hours and applied 2,277,000 beats to complete the car.

The result was worth the hardship, they created a beautifully decorated the Beetle inside and out. The intricate artwork displayed colourful symbolism and images of their deities. Unbelievably this remarkable tribute to Huichol used over 100Kg of beads and resin!

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