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The Most Outrageous Celebrity Cars

When you reach ‘celebrity status’ it appears you can get away with absolutely anything as long as you’re happy with it being made public, of course. Questionable fashion tastes, bizarre baby names and novelty house accessories have become the superstar norm, so why stop there? And when you make all the money in the world and get everything for free, why not utilise one of the most expensive items you’re ever going to buy - the one you take with you everywhere you go - to make a real statement? Here are five of the most outrageous cars that some of the world’s richest celebs have dared show off in public.

1. Richard Branson - The Amphibian

It is no secret that Richard Branson is outrageously wealthy, following a life of business deals and entrepreneurial flair. It’s no surprise then that Virgin’s main man has ventured away from the standard family car and into wacky and somewhat wet territory, with his sea-faring Gibbs Aquada. In his water car, Branson smashed the world record for ‘crossing the English Channel in an amphibious craft.’


2. Justin Bieber - The Chrome Racer

Love him or hate him, there is no escaping Bieber’s presence in the global media. Once merely another YouTube artist, he now enjoys cruising around in a £60,000 electric Fisker Karma sports car coated in chrome, which gives it a shiny and always-clean look. However at one point it was reported that he added modifications, such as LED lights, which were as illegal as his high speeds. He’s also been seen driving a leopard print Audi R8 and is now the lucky owner of a Bugatti, one of the most expensive street legal cars on the planet.

3. Britney Spears - The Hummer

There just had to be a High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle in this list somewhere, and who better than pop’s princess? At one point, Britney owned as many as seven luxury cars, but the 6 litre pink Hummer H2 - a vehicle characterised by its military connotations - is by far the most outrageous, especially with its Louis Vuitton lining. Other celebrities known for their Hummers are Justin Timberlake, Arnold Schwarzenegger and late rapper Tupac.

4. Nicki Minaj - The Pink Collection

Newly famous rapper Nicki Minaj doesn’t have a pink Hummer, but she does have a collection of pink cars. She recently painted her £240,000 Lamborghini, alongside its wheels, in her iconic colour, the same as she has her Range Rover and her Bentley.

5. Jay Leno - The Large Collection

This time round it’s not the car he drives that is outrageous - it’s where he keeps them. The American chat show host has such a vast collection of vehicles that he needs a 17000 Square foot garage to keep them. Among his collection he boasts steam cars, supercars and eco-friendly vehicles and it is said he also has a Mercedes SLR McLaren among them, worth over £270,000.

Lifestyle and Celebrity News  15/04/2014 16:57:04

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