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The safety of riding a motorbike

If you have had the chance to ride a powerful motorcycle on the open road you will understand the thrill and passion that fuels most riders. By riding a bare essentials machine, you truly feel your engineís power delivery and wind forces that oppose you. With controls at your hands and feet plus nimble handling, it can feel like a perfect synergy of man and machine.

Itís easy to get carried away in the rush but you must remember the potential dangers. Being completely exposed to both mechanical forces and worldly elements is a double-edged sword. Bikes offer little protection from weather conditions or even other vehicles that could collide with you. Most motorcycle enthusiasts are aware of the dangers, yet itís a trade off they are willing to take. Now with all of our modern advances in technology, has riding a motorcycle actually become much safer?

The Ever-Present Dangers of Riding

First of all letís examine the dangers of riding that are not changing. The main issue is your body is fully exposed, for better or worse. This leads to a whole manner of potential problems in the event of an accident.

In almost all cases you will be thrown off the bike and to the mercy of Lady Luck. If youíre extremely lucky you could be thrown right over or from the accident, escaping major injury. However, in most cases you can be thrown straight into an object much tougher than yourself. By design a motorcycle simply cannot offer you a good level of protection like a car can.

Increasing Levels of Safety With Modern Cars

We feel quite safe when travelling in the car because we surrounded by a protective outer shell. Crash protection is specifically ingrained into the design of all cars.

Emphasis on crash projection has risen during recent years and reinforced by advances in technology. Crumble zones can absorb energy and take impact whereas strengthened zones resist. Airbags will soften impact on our body and seatbelts hold us securely within our seats. Cars are undeniably safer than motorcycles, however there are still a few points in the favour of riders.

Safety Advantages of Motorcycles

Itís not all doom and gloom when it comes to riding a motorcycle on the road safely. Since bikes are much smaller and more manoeuvrable, itís actually far easier to avoid having collisions out on the road. Motorcycles have the advantages of acceleration, braking, handling and fitting through tight gaps. Yet still, accident avoidance will largely depend on your ability as a rider and always a little luck.

Recent Advances in Motorcycle Safety

Today, riders benefit from improved roads surfaces, well thought out traffic systems, improved training and even increased bike awareness on the road. These factors combined have brought safety much higher levels than before.

Bike technology has contributed to safety too, with traction control systems and ABS options. Itís fair to say travelling by motorbike is safer than itís ever been, but still far more dangerous a car. Even for the most experienced riders, all it takes is a rogue road user to cause you disaster.

Is it Worth the Risk?

If riding a motorbike lights up your soul or brings you back to your forgotten youth, by all means get out there. Remain as safe as possible by straying extra vigilant of other drivers. As a wise rider once said, ďRide as if you are totally invisible to other road usersĒ. Just remember to still use your indicators too!†

Driving Tips  15/09/2015 09:18:01

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