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The Truth About Car Warranties

The Truth About Car Warranties Image

Concerns about Car Warranties offered on different makes and models have been plaguing the news of late.  In some cases, the news has had to do with consumer issues arising from the refusal of claims by an issuer or a dealer.  At other times, the focus has been on the increasing costs of warranties in general.  Before making a hasty decision about car warranties or how they are honoured, take a moment to consider a few key points.

In most instances, the coverage found in car warranties is denied because the owner of the vehicle has done something that invalidates one or more provisions in the warranty.  This is often a completely innocent chain of events that begins with the fact that the owner failed to read the warranty thoroughly at the time it was secured.  Never make assumptions about the rights or the responsibilities you take on when buying car warranties.  Know what is necessary to get the most benefit from the coverage and comply with those rules.

Another thing to keep in mind is that what may appear to be a covered event at first may in fact be outside the scope of the terms of the coverage.   This is only apparent after identifying the source of the problem and determining what needs to be done to make effective repairs.  Get the whole picture before deciding if your warranty does cover the issue, or whether you will need to pay for the parts and labour out of your own pocket.

Author - Michael Barclay


published: 07/02/2011 11:00:02

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