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The Worlds Most Unbelievable Car Crashes

Ever passed by the scene of an accident, seen a brand new Mercedez-Benz mounted unbelievably on the barrier, then wondered ‘How the hell…?’

Accidents happen; sometimes it can feel like a twist of luck or fate. In some of the spectacular cases, you would never expect anyone to survive. Yet circumstance has allowed these drivers to escape with their lives’. Buckle up and drive carefully as we explore the most unbelievable crashes ever survived.

Defying All Logic: He Walks Away Alive

Back in '59 at the AVUS, the German Grand Prix was underway. The track itself was unusually built with two massive straights linked by two hairpin turns. Originally built as a prototype Autobahn, it remained the fastest track in the world for quite some time. Hans Hermann was competing this year and came hammering down the straight.  But suddenly his brakes failed just short of the bend. In a horrifying sceptical he crashed and was thrown from his car, spinning through the air. He had no safety cells or seatbelts but miraculously got away with only a broken finger!

2” from Death During Lamppost Split

Early morning Vancouver, an Audi A7 is speeding down a busy road, the driver obviously unaware of the approaching corner. Losing control, the vehicle is slung straight into a lamppost. The driver was later found with minor injuries, sitting just feet away from what was once his pride and joy. The engine had separated from the body, releasing fuel and igniting in a fiery inferno. After examining the wreckage he was told if he had been 2 inches to the right, death would have been the outcome. Police also reported he failed the breathalyser test.

Seemingly Inescapable Wreck

Le Mans 2011, it’s early on and Allan McNish tries to scoop up a gap and take the lead. Accept the gap is tiny and all within a tight corner, no wonder he collides with another car. At such a speed, McNish had no chance of regaining control; his car tumbles into the barrier, rapidly shedding pieces. By the time it’s all over, only him and the Audi's super strong carbon-fibre safety cell remain. German engineering undoubtedly saved this man's life, but from the wreckage, you would never believe he walked away.

A Severely Rattled Cage

During the WRC Rally in Portugal 2009, a young Finnish driver is celebrating his birthday the best way he knows how. Think about all those times you've seen movie scenes or rallies where they are dangerously close to tumbling off a cliff… Well, this time, Jari-Matti Latvala really took the plunge, and survived!

Enzo Destroyed By Drunken Joyride

Stefan Eriksson, former head of Gizmondo, was jailed for 18 months after his run-in with a lamppost. Whilst driving his beautiful Ferrari Enzo down the Pacific Coast highway in Malibu, at 162 mph, he was completely intoxicated. The car ended up split clean in two, the engine half slung further down the road. Remarkably he walked away, only to quickly form another story to fit the incident. Yet justice caught up with him as he was convicted of a number of crimes, on top of this one!

Not everyone is so lucky as these stories, but it’s reassuring to know that tragedies can be prevented easily. By being more aware of others, staying within the limits and wearing a seatbelt goes a long way.  But when racing, drink driving or generally being reckless, your chances a pretty slim!

Offbeat  23/02/2016 09:31:24

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