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Theft victim chief cop broke golden rule

Theft victim chief cop broke golden rule Image

A new police commissioner committed to reducing crime has fallen foul of thieves himself.

Martyn Underhill had his sat-nav stolen after breaking one of crime prevention's golden rules - he left his car window open.

The former policeman was at a meeting discussing crime in the community at the time.

Mr Underhill, Dorset's first police and crime commissioner, returned to his force pool car to find it had been broken into.

He said he had "accidentally" left his driver's window open by one inch while it was parked at the Sovereign Centre in Boscombe, Bournemouth, where he was attending a meeting.

Thieves forced the window down and grabbed the sat-nav from the windscreen.

The charger unit was connected, and broken off in the socket in the centre console, as they pulled the sat-nav out.

Mr Underhill said the irony of this incident isn't lost on him.

The police chief said the incident raises awareness of vehicle crime in Dorset. He said reducing vehicle crime is one of the force's priorities.

Insurance  12/04/2013 14:00:00

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