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Thieves targeting classic cars

Thieves targeting classic cars Image

Classic car owners have been urged to enhance the security of their vehicles in order to keep thieves at bay.

Following a rise in classic car thefts, TRACKER, a stolen vehicle recovery company, has advised owners do to everything in their power to keep their car safe.

Minis, classic Ford Escorts and VW Campervans are proving to be hot targets, according to police reports.

"Classic cars are an easy target for thieves, as they are missing the security features we take for granted on modern vehicles," said Stuart Chapman, head of TRACKER's police relationship team.

"With police reporting a rise in classic car thefts, it's more important than ever that enthusiasts take steps to secure their pride and joy."

Many stolen cars are broken down for parts, meaning project cars left on driveways are particularly at risk of theft.

Although some alarm systems and immobilisers can be unsightly, Mr Chapman maintained they play a vital role in deterring thieves and keeping vehicles safe.

Insurance  28/03/2013 14:00:02

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