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Tips for Avoiding Traffic on your Commute

There is, quite simply, nothing worse than setting off on your morning commute, toothpaste around your lips and the taste of tea and cereal fresh on your tongue, and hitting traffic as soon as you turn onto the main road.

It is irritating, it is frustrating, it is any-word-that-means-rubbish. No end of classic tunes on the radio can help, so you might like to know that there are a small number of things you can do to make your commute that little bit more bearable.

So what are they? The below are just three of our favourite traffic-avoiding options – but if you have any secrets of your own on making your trip to work quicker and easier, let us know in the comments.

Plan ahead

This is of course an obvious point, and most people, when starting a new job, will do some research to work out what their quickest and easiest route to the new office is. But that is usually that – the research is done. Nowadays, with more roadworks than ever, and smartphones and tablets galore, it’s very easy to have a quick look to see what the traffic on your route is like. Simply by having a quick look on your phone while eating your breakfast you can avoid sitting in traffic for an hour one morning. Be honest – how many times have you found yourself stuck in traffic and cursed yourself for not checking ahead?


The rules around flexible working hours have all changed, and many employers are now more approachable than they ever have been to requests for slightly different working patterns. If your commute is particularly bad, then you’ve got a case for requesting different working hours. In addition, with blackberries and the internet and what-have-you, working from home is a doddle: meaning in theory you can work from home for the first hour and head in to work when the traffic has calmed down. Think creatively – employers want their workers to be fresh, calm and collected, not to mention on the top of their game. Sitting in traffic and cursing everyone and everything only leads to one thing – stress. Flexible working hours could well benefit both the worker, and the employer too.

Change your route, mid-route

That feeling of hitting traffic is horrible of course, but many people still hesitate when they question whether they should copy other drivers in turning around when there’s an opportunity. Nowadays, satellite navigation systems are so sophisticated that they include up to date traffic and roadwork information, meaning you can change your route, mid-route. Take the time to get to know what your sat-nav can do for you (many update their roadwork information very quickly indeed) and you’ll appreciate it when you see the queues building up.

Driving Advice  12/06/2014 09:46:36

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