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Tooting Man Jailed Over Car Insurance Scam

Tooting Man Jailed Over Car Insurance Scam Image

A Tooting Man has been sent to prison for two years running a "crash for cash" car insurance scam on innocent motorists.  Thirty-five-year-old Asad Ahmedhi from Mitcham Road in Tooting was part of a gang who scammed drivers by crashing vehicles and then claiming thousands of pounds in insurance.  

There were 12 people in the gang, who were based in North East London and conducted the scam by circling busy roundabouts in order to identify potential victims and then cause a crash in a nearby street, with a decoy car making a last second move in front of another car driven by a different member of the gang, resulting in the driver crashing into it.  The decoy car would then flee so that it could not be identified by the innocent motorist, who would be left to swap insurance details with the other gang member, posing as another victim of the crash.  With the price of extended auto warranties and insurance already expensive, gang members in the "crashed" car could make claims of up to as much as £235,000 for injuries and the hiring of replacement cars from the insurance company.  All the other gang members have also been arrested.  

"This organised criminal network had absolutely no regard for their victims, old or young - it was whoever was most convenient at the time" says Detective Superintendent John Hollands.  "They became quite skilled at locating their victims, circling roundabouts like hawks to find them, and submitting false claims.  Thankfully, though, our detectives have put a stop to their dangerous and fraudulent activities."

Author - Michael Barclay

Insurance  28/12/2011 17:00:00

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