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Top 10 Maintenance Tips You Can Do At Home

As much as you love cars, there can be nothing worse than having to stump up the cash to have your car fixed at a garage, especially when you know full well that, with a little time and effort, you could do much of the work yourself Ė giving yourself the satisfaction of getting the job done as well as having not damaged your wallet.

So what are the jobs you can do from the comfort of your driveway?


Letís start with an obvious one Ė checking the oil levels, and topping up when necessary, is something every driver should be in the habit of doing. It takes a matter of seconds and will help keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Air filter replacement

Replacing an air filter will cost you just a few pounds, and only takes ten minutes or so. Itís another task that itís good to be in the habit of doing to keep your car safe and sound.

Windscreen wiper replacement

Every tried to drive in rain and without wipers? Itís both frustrating and (more importantly) dangerous. Replacing old wipers will set you back ten pounds or so, and replacing them is simple.

Checking tyres

A lot of people get scared at the thought of changing a tyre, but itís easier than it sounds. Itís also easier if youíre prepared Ė so get in the habit of checking your tyre pressure regularly, and while youíre doing that, have a look at the tyre itself and ensure the tread is still safe. A bald, or nearly bald tyre should set the warning sirens going.

Light bulbs

Checking a light bulb is simple enough Ė use a fence or wall or, even better, take a walk around your vehicle with the lights on and check the brightness of each light.

Brake pads

One of the first things you learn when learning to drive is about stopping distances, and we all know that a long stopping distance is a worrying sign. While you will need an hour or so, you could save yourself a fair sum by changing the pads yourself.

Spark plugs

Once you get the hang of it, replacing your spark plugs can be a satisfying job that Ė while taking about half an hour or so Ė will ensure things run smoothly and (if you didnít already) help you get to know the underneath of your bonnet a bit better.


If youíre handy with changing a fuse in the home, thereís no reason you canít do it for your car. New fuses are cheap and, as it only takes five minutes or so, thereís really no excuse for choosing to pay for a mechanic.

Battery connection

Using just a wire brush, checking your batteryís connection will ensure your car is running smoothly. Itís a simple job involving cleaning connections with a corrosion removal fluid, which you can even make yourself with baking soda and water.

Can you think of any other simple maintenance jobs you can do at home? Let us know in the comments section below.

Car Care Tips  07/02/2014 14:36:27

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