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Top 10 Roads to Drive in the World

Winding Road Image

Driving offers a unique freedom that is difficult to match; the feel of the steering wheel, of power at your feet and the sight of adventure ahead. For some, driving along a congested motorway or navigating a town just doesn’t cut it and, luckily for them and for all driving enthusiasts, there are some truly phenomenal drives to be found around the world. From the windy heights of mountain passes to colossal water-spanning bridges, here is a list of top 10 roads to drive in the world.

1. Great Ocean Road

With arresting rock formations, views of a stunning ocean and gleaming sunshine, you can’t go wrong with Australia’s world famous highway. 151 miles of rugged coastal road and 6 million koala’s great a huge number of tourists every day.

2. The Stelvio Pass

Not one for the faint hearted, at 9,045 ft, this jagged Italian roadway is the second highest paved mountain pass in the Alps. What’s more, it was one picked by car lovers, Top Gear, as a contender for their ‘greatest driving road in the world.’ Just don’t look down.

3. The Seven Mile Bridge

It may sound like a huge distance for a bridge but, despite being one of the longest bridges in existence when it was built, it has been dwarfed by the super bridges of modern engineering. Still, this famous bridge in the US Florida Keys sees drivers pass over gorgeous waters on the Overseas Highway and makes for one of the most paradise-like drives imaginable.

4. The Guoliang Tunnel

Not so much a road but a carving in the side of a mountain, this stunning route in China’s Taihang Mountains takes some getting to. However, if you can handle the route through the provinces towns and villages, this sees a wonderful merging of manmade and natural road construction.

5. Nurburgring

Notorious perhaps for fast speeds and deadly crashes, this treacherous motorsports complex in Germany can be an incredible drive - if its 154 turns are taken responsibly. The 12 mile swirling tarmac is also a toll road that can be used for a cool 24 Euros on non-race days.

6. Ruta 40

Linking 20 national parks with passes through the Andes, this Argentinean gem spans over 3000 miles - over three times the length of New Zealand - and is one of the greatest expanses of highway on the globe. It’s another one that takes drivers up to dizzying heights as high as 16,000 feet above sea level.

7. State Route 1 (SR 1)

The words ‘major north-south state highway’ wouldn’t usually evoke images of must-drive roads, but Highway 1 is different. It’s best known for following some of the most stunning coastlines in the USA - the Pacific side - passing through the picture-perfect Big Sur region.

8. Ireland

You don’t have to travel to another country, time zone or hemisphere to find gorgeous drives. The Emerald Isle showcases beautiful roads such as the Conor Pass, which snakes from the Dingle Peninsula towards Brandon Bay and gives visitors dream-like pictures of the lakes.

9. Iroha-zaka

This winding Japanese road comprises of 48 curves matching the 48 letters of the ancient Japanese alphabet. It connects central Nikko and Oku-Nikko and is made of two roads, for going in both directions.

10. Atlantic Road

Voted as the Norwegian construction of the century, this five mile strength of rough and uneven surfaces displays stunning similarities to the rough tide that it follows.

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