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Top 5 reliable SUVs

Sometimes bigger is better. It might sound like a cliché, but if you want something with plenty of size and an engine built to move it, then you can’t go wrong with a SUV – sports utility vehicle.

Whether you live in the countryside and need something to get you along those rough and ready country roads, or simply want the size to make a big impression on the suburban streets, then you can’t do much worse.

But a car is only good if it’s reliable. So which SUVs are rated as being the least likely to let you down?

Here are the top 5 most reliable SUVs.

1. Volvo XC60

You probably aren’t too surprised to see a car company based in Scandinavia to have an SUV on this list.

The Volvo XC60 is a fantastic car, combining the class and style of Volvo with a desire to tackle those difficult roads.

But if that ruggedness doesn’t work, then it comes with plenty of safety features that are designed to read the road ahead. The seats have been designed to be comfy for bumps and the motorway.

Plus, its headlights are shaped to be like the hammer of Thor (the Norse God, not the comic book character).

2. Kia Sportage

A bit more practical than the Volvo, but no less a quality SUV, the Kia Sportage is a roomy family vehicle that gives you and your kids an excellent high seating position.

Perfect for spotting potential dangers- or intense games of eye spy. The reliability of the Sportage is well-known, with new buyers lucky enough to benefit from a 7-year warranty.

But if you were to buy it used, you can be sure that the car is not likely to leave you broken down at the side of the road with a bunch of screaming kids driving you mad.

3. Skoda Yeti

First off, let’s just consider the awesome name. Who wouldn’t want to drive a car named after a mythical Himalayan monster?

The Skoda Yeti is not just a cool name, it’s also fun to drive, something you might not associate with a car of its size.

Its also one of the taller SUVs on the market, giving that great vantage point as you drive. The cabin also comes with a wide-range of different layout options, so you can adjust it to fit your family’s needs.

4. Toyota RAV4

If you are looking for the next generation of SUV, then the Toyota RAV4 is one of the better options.

New models are hybrid as standard, and even the older models have the efficient Japanese engines designed for a perfect balance of economy and power.

It also has a futuristic look to the car, especially in the new models, which might not be for everyone but certainly ticks a few unique boxes.

Add to that the infotainment system and you have the SUV of the future.

5. Lexus RX

One of the most reliable cars on the market, it’s safe to say owners of the Lexus RX are more than happy with its dependability.

Aside from that, it’s also one of the more beautiful SUVs on the market, taking the big lump of marble and chiselling it away into something striking.

It’s also one of the more luxurious SUVs on the market, thanks to the interior that feels like it’s been tailored to satisfy your every need. While it’s not cheap, it is worth every penny.

Car Buying Tips  26/02/2020 13:33:05

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